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Resolving Tomboy Ubuntu One issue on Mint 11 Katya

Mint Linux 11 Katya

Tomboy & Ubuntu One.

Tomboy notes… You know,.. In this world, people uses for taking notes and take a look at them from any where, who knows this app.. Because it’s online, ermmm… Any way, this app doesn’t needs to be clearifying about what it is…

Main problem is:
I installed Mint Linux 11 Katya and I can’t find ubuntu one service in the tomboy options like before…

Let’s resolve this problem and make me a hero who saved the DAY one:
Open tomboy notes from “Menu/Accessories”
Click to “Preferences” in “Edit” menu and tab to “Synchronization”
Select “Tomboy Web” from “Services” pulldown
Add “https://one.ubuntu.com/notes/” address to “Server” line
Click to “Connect to Server” button.

Now you must sent to “https://login.ubuntu...