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Resolving Tomboy Ubuntu One issue on Mint 11 Katya

Mint Linux 11 Katya

Tomboy & Ubuntu One.

Tomboy notes… You know,.. In this world, people uses for taking notes and take a look at them from any where, who knows this app.. Because it’s online, ermmm… Any way, this app doesn’t needs to be clearifying about what it is…

Main problem is:
I installed Mint Linux 11 Katya and I can’t find ubuntu one service in the tomboy options like before…

Let’s resolve this problem and make me a hero who saved the DAY one:
Open tomboy notes from “Menu/Accessories”
Click to “Preferences” in “Edit” menu and tab to “Synchronization”
Select “Tomboy Web” from “Services” pulldown
Add “” address to “Server” line
Click to “Connect to Server” button.

Now you must sent to “https://login.ubuntu...